Hardwood Care & Maintenance

Daily care & maintenance

Over time, heavy foot traffic, stains & spills will inevitably take their toll on your hardwood floors. Maintain the gorgeous look of your newly installed hardwood floors by establishing a regular cleaning routine.

Buy a high-quality broom and sweep your new hardwood floor regularly to pick up grains of dirt, dust and other particles. Additionally, a vacuum cleaner without a beater bar can help clean in between planks and other hard-to-reach areas.

We recommend using a terrycloth mop with a rotating head to make cleaning corners, under cabinets and along base boards an easy task. Spray a professional hardwood floor cleaning product recommended by your manufacturer or a Bram Flooring representative to safely remove tough stains and spills without dulling the finish of your floor.

You’ll likely never need to wax or buff your hardwood floors, depending on the finish. If you’re unsure, ask us for advice!

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Dealing with spills

Occasional spills and stains are inevitable, especially if you have pets or kids. Most liquid spills will wipe away simply with a cloth. You'll want to do this as quickly as possible, as hardwood flooring is not water-resistant. Other spills, such as wax or nail polish, are more complex. Check with your manufacturer's care instructions before attempting to tackle these! Take care when using cleaning products, too, and make sure they are manufacturer-approved. Otherwise, they might damage your hardwood or leave a residue.

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