Tile Care & Maintenance

Daily care & maintenance

Tile is easy to care for, requiring very little maintenance. The smallest effort on your part will be enough to keep it looking new for years to come. There are, however, a few key things to keep in mind!

Vacuum your tile or stone flooring regularly and dust mop often. Since tile is waterproof, you can safely wet mop as needed. Be sure to dry it right away, as tile can be extremely slippery when wet. If your flooring needs a deeper clean, use only a manufacturer-approved cleaning product and follow all instructions.

Start by investing in doormats and placing them throughout your home. Encourage visitors to use them and to remove outdoor shoes before walking across your new tile or stone flooring. You may also wish to place all furniture on furniture protectors and take extreme care when moving any heavy items across your flooring. Finally, consider investing in an area rug or two! Doing so will add style and color to any room while adding some protection to the flooring beneath it.

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Floor cleaning tips | Bram Flooring

Dealing with spills

In most cases, the average spill will wipe away with a clean cloth. More complex messes, such as wax or oil, require a more comprehensive approach. For these, you'll want to consult your tile manufacturer's cleaning guidelines. It's also very important to use the right care products when cleaning tile. Products with ammonia, vinegar, chlorine, and other abrasive ingredients might discolor your tile or damage your grout and should be avoided. Use only manufacturer-approved products.

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